The Katie Rose Foundation

The Katie Rose Foundation was founded in memory of our beautiful, brave and inspirational little girl Katie Rose Rodgers. Sadly, Katie passed away from Mitochondrial Disease (specifically Leigh’s Syndrome) on December 12, 2014. Katie was 2 years and almost 4 months old when she passed.

The Katie Rose Foundation is hopeful that it can provide information and support to other children and families who are living with this devastating disease and the continuous daily challenges that come with it. We wish to educate as much as possible on the effects of Mitochondrial Disease as well as give hope for the future by way of funding ongoing research in the hope of one day finding a cure.

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Goals of the Foundation

The Katie Rose Foundation has 3 main goals:

  1. To raise much needed awareness for Mitochondrial Disease;
  2. To fund research into Mitochondrial Disease; and
  3. To provide financial support to families affected by Mitochondrial Disease

Ways You Can Help Us

What is Mitochondrial Disease?

The term “Mitochondrial disease” refers to a group of disorders. Each of these conditions involves a problem with mitochondria.

Mitochondria are tiny structures inside almost every cell in your body. Their primary and most important job is to use the food and oxygen that enter the cells to make energy. Almost all of the energy your body needs for daily life and growth comes from mitochondria.

The “mighty mitochondrion” are essentially the powerhouse of the cell. Without this powerhouse working effectively and efficiently, things start to go wrong. It would be like trying to run an entire household on a single battery. It is almost as if there is a power shortage or a “blackout” within the body.

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How We Make A Difference

The Katie Rose Foundation is very proud to be working in partnership with The Lily Foundation, which is a leading UK based charity that is extremely dedicated to raising awareness for Mito and also funds ongoing research projects in the hopes of ultimately finding a cure. The Katie Rose Foundation was unable to locate a research project in Ireland and as a result has decided to join forces with the Lily Foundation and provide funds towards their current research projects. Our hopes are the same… we want to find a cure.

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Colin Farrel Becomes Mitoaware

On October 6th we met with a true gentleman, Mr. Colin Farrell as part of an awareness campaign for Mitochondrial Disease and to highlight the devastating effects that this disease has on its victims.

Colin has since gone on and spoken about The Katie Rose Foundation on the Late Late show in Ireland and has helped raise awareness of Mitochondrial Disease to countless people.

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