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We are available by phone, email and in person and we help connect families who then support each other.

Online Support

In terms of additional online support, we found that social media groups were amazing. Mito Families Ireland in particular was extremely helpful both in terms of acting as a questions and answers page but also in terms of networking and getting to know people who are going through something similar to you. Some of these people that you connect with on these groups can end up being extremely close lifelong friends.

Support Organisations

Here are some of the organisations that have been recommended to use by the social workers from the hospitals we have visited in Ireland.

There is also a new metabolic website which has a lot of helpful information. The Temple Street website has information for patients and their families attending the Metabolic unit, from there they can access medical social work support. There is a link to more information about what we do on the Metabolic and Temple Street website.

Families can get some general information from HSE website and the Department of Social Welfare website The citizen’s information website can also be helpful

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